Used Bikes

A current inventory of used bikes at the shop. All used bikes are fully repaired before being sold & come with a month of free adjustments. We’re pretty picky with what we sell for used, so you can rest assured you’re getting a good used bike!

Trek Road Bike 54cm – $400

Raleigh Supercourse 58cm – $350

Schwinn Super LeTour 53cm – $325

Trek 820 18″ – $225

Specialized Stumpjumper 19″ – $425

Miyata Two Ten 19″ – $290

Schwinn Neu-Citi 20″ – $200
Schwinn Collegiate 52cm – $230

Schwinn Varsity 19″ – $200

Fuji Absolute 49cm – $220

Peugeot fixed gear 54cm – $255

Schwinn Varsity 52cm – $210

Bianchi Nuovo 53cm – $400

Univega Grand Sport 56cm – $300

Gary Fisher Aquila 20″ – $500

Trek 2120 52cm – $450

Montague Boston 8 19″ – $700

Diamondback Response Sport 16″ – $190

img_4435Specialized Expedition 19″ – $230

img_4460Schwinn Varsity 19″ – $200

img_4458Peugeot 59cm – $300

img_4457Diamondback Della Cruz 18″ – $260

img_4456Raleigh Competition GS 58cm – $600

img_4455Cannondale M500 22″ – $320

img_4454Giant Bowery Medium – $400

img_4452Univega Grand Sport 56cm – $300

img_4451Trek 1420 47cm – $350

img_4449GT Outpost 19″ – $300

img_4448Trek 420 47cm – $475

img_4446Raleigh Supercourse 12 single speed! 54cm – $400

img_4445Raleigh Competition Racing USA 58cm – $425

img_4444Trek 1000 WSD 47cm – $450

img_4442Specialized Expedition 15.5″ – $205

img_4440Specialized Hardrock 19″ – $200

img_4439Specialized Hardrock 17″ – $450

img_4438Landrider Deluxe 19.5″ – $300

img_4436Bridgestone 100 48cm – $210

img_4434Cervelo P3-SL w/Zipp 808 wheels! 54cm – $1500

Image-1.pngSchwinn Sprint 19.5″ – $230

15 Responses to “Used Bikes”

  1. Iā€™m looking for a used bike to use for commuting, and casual biking with the kids. I am 5ā€™1ā€. Would the Specialized Crossroads be small enough for me?

  2. I am looking for a used bike for this year’s RAGBRAI. I am 63 years old and in good shape. I am 5’10” and weigh 155lbs. I have a 10 speed that I have ridden for 15 years and want a lighter weight bike that is suitable for the road. I have set my limit at less than $1000 for a bike. Would you have anything that might work for me. Joe

  3. Hey there, looking to figure out what I should be seeking in a commuter bike. I’m 6’3/200lbs and haven’t ridden in years. I don’t need to be fancy but would like to get some shopping tips. You guys get rave reviews.

    Of course I’ll be in there shopping in a month anyway…

  4. I may need a bike for 3 weeks in Santa Fe. Could I buy a used bike, then sell it back for less? If anything like that might work, let me know.

  5. Hi,
    I am doing my rookie RAGBRAI this year and am looking for a used, road bike. I am 5’11”, 160 lbs and just rode a Specialized Hardrock in the Pigman last weekend. I hear good things about this site and would appreciate any help, size recommendations and shopping advice.
    Thank you!

  6. Hi
    Im looking for a used road bike for a 5’10 male, price is no big deal but i’d rather not spend more then $400. Can anyone help me?

  7. […] enough, there is a used Schwinn Twinn tandem currently for sale in the shop for […]

  8. The Twin Tandem needs the Pleischer rack seatpost bolt anchor convertor. This rack probably came off another bike, and did not come directly from some bike shop wall to the back of the tandem. Rack needs to be leveled and pushed backwards.

  9. BIG Q: is the tubing Chro-Mo?
    2nd big Q: What is the pedal to top of saddle (inseam average) range (and the crank-arm length, 170, 175, 180mm)?
    Panasonic RTB is a gem, highly desireable convertible to a bomb-proof loaded touring bike, albeit with clamp-ons for rack mounts. These”late-80’s style, unsuspended” frames will almost always embrace 700c wheels (yes, the cantilever mount posts will work) with fenders mucho clearance for the large-ist 40’s range 700’s. The early-period stems are usually positioned well for drop bars, as the top tubes are longer even than most custom touring bikes (Measure, Mike!).
    Remember though that these frames sit up with bird dog attitude (B.B. clearance very high) so remind viewers that a 19 inch-looking head tube is good-to go for the same person who would look for a 23 inch head tube aesthetic in a racing/road bike.
    THEN, conversion to a touring bike with much smaller tire cross section, even with the larger rim diameter, often results in (1)lowering the top tube (the whole bike) a few centimeters, (2)creation of a more stable riding platform (the rake and trail become neutral and the bike is very easy to ride “no-hands-Ma.”)(3)Mountain gearing becomes practically geriatric for touring on Iowa hills.
    I did a touring conversion on a Schwinn High Plains this summer.
    This Panicstolid frame alone, with headset and stem is worth $200.

  10. I am just here in IC for 7 weeks — can I buy a bike from you and sell it back to you at the end of March?

  11. Can you list prices on the bikes. it looks like only two of them have prices. thanks.

  12. Any chance you still have that sweet Raleigh Competition GS?

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