surly crosscheck with white industries double double…

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5-22-2013 002 (Large)
Here is a sweet setup that we had the pleasure of doing for a very good customer.

5-22-2013 007 (Large)
It utilizes the White Industries Double Double crankset & freewheel. It essentially allows two different gear ratios while maintaining the simplicity of a single speed setup.

Read more about it here:

5-22-2013 008 (Large)
Mustache bar makes the cockpit super comfy.

5-22-2013 003 (Large)
Brooks saddle & Acorn saddle bag class it up like no other can.

5-22-2013 005 (Large)
Another fine hand-built wheelset round things off nicely!

commuter lunch with griddle me this…!

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In celebration of Bike To Work Week, The Broken Spoke teamed up(once again) with Griddle Me This! to offer all of you fine bicycle commuters lunch on us!

5-17-2013 007 (Large)
5-17-2013 006 (Large)

We had such a good turnout that we unfortunately ran out of food before one o’clock. We did raise over $55 for Think Bicycles, though!

broken spoke bfb…!

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BFB bronze_new

As Iowa’s first official bicycle friendly business, The Broken Spoke continues its bronze level certification by the League of American Bicyclists for another four years!

See the entire list of bicycle friendly businesses here:

and speaking of cross checks…

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Here is a brand new 2013 Cross Check that got built up for a customer from a stock build with some minor customizations!

1-30-2013 001 (Small)
Orange handlebar tape & a Brooks B-17 leather saddle liven up the cockpit, while white toe clips & cream leather toe straps add some flair to the bottom end!

1-30-2013 003 (Small)
Also, this Surly is much more street-friendly with the 700×28 Continental Gatorskin tyres rolling smoothly.

surly cross check single speed…

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Here is a Cross Check that is single-speeded out. The customer who bought this is planning on doing Trans-Iowa on it!

1-25-2013 014 (Large)

Normally, the single speed Cross Check comes with a flat bar. But with a little swapping out of some key components, we have a much better suited drop bar version of it!

more more more hand-built wheels…

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Here are some more hand-built wheels to come out of the shop this winter for some fine people!

12-25-2012 006 (Large)
Here is a Shimano Alfine generator hub laced up to an Alex Adventurer with Wheelsmith double-butted spokes. An XT disc rotor is mounted to the hub for year-round commuting purposes!

1-25-2013 027 (Large)
Another Shimano generator hub laced up to an Alex Adventurer rim with Wheelsmith double-butted spokes.

1-25-2013 001 (Large)
Here is a beefy commuter wheel that should be a ‘set it & forget it’ component. It’s a Shimano Deore hub laced up to a Sun Rhyno Lite rim with 36 Wheelsmith straight-gauge spokes. The driveside spokes are silver, whilst the non-driveside are black. This results in a nice alternating black/silver pattern at the rim!

2-08-2013 026 (Large)
This is the front of a wheelset for a Surly Long Haul Trucker to be ridden year-round. It has yet another Shimano generator hub laced up to an Adventurer rim. It is using black DT alpine spokes to keep the hub married to the rim. A 700x40mm Nokian studded tyre is all business!

2-08-2013 047 (Large)
Here is the rear. It has a Shimano SLX hub laced up to an Adventurer rim using the same spokes as the front. A 700x35mm 45North tyre provides the push.

nuvinci n360 conversion…

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Now here is an awesome project I had the pleasure of doing for a customer!

11-25-2012 003 (Large)
A before photo: regular derailleur-based drivetrain on a mid-90s Specialized Rockhopper.

11-25-2012 010 (Large)
The after: The Nuvinci N360 is a continuously variable planetary internally geared hub. What this means is that it has an infinite gear range between the lowest & highest gears. The shifter acts as an analogue dial that results in _always_ being in a gear. There are no missed shifts or clunky shifting with this set-up! A Paul Melvin chain tensioner was used since the Rockhopper has vertical dropouts. A chainguard keeps things neat. A keen eye will also see that the fork got replaced.

11-25-2012 015 (Large)
The Nuvinci uses the best optical gear indicator I have ever seen. Lower gears create a hill!

11-25-2012 016 (Large)
Classy leather grips that are oh so ergo!

11-25-2012 012 (Large)
Here’s a sweet side shot of the whole bike(before a Thomson seatpost & Brooks saddle got later installed!